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Wigan Observer
Wigan, England, UK
Sunday, 25 November 2007
A Wigan bouncer has been hailed a hero after saving a teenager's life.
A Wigan bouncer has been hailed a hero after saving a teenager's life.
Michael WoodMichael Wood used resuscitation techniques he had been taught on a doorman training course to help the 19-year-old after he discovered she had no pulse and had stopped breathing.

The unnamed patient is understood to have discharged herself from hospital that day in order to celebrate her birthday and was taken ill in The Hub on King Street in the early hours of Saturday.
Paramedics eventually took over and the girl was taken to Wigan Infirmary.
It is believed she is now back at her home in Worsley Hall.

Michael, 25, from Hindley, said: "I was on the door when I was called inside to say a girl had collapsed at a table. Her friends were panicking and at first it was thought she had had too m
uch to drink, so I took her upstairs to the front door to get her some fresh air.

"But then I realised there was something more seriously wrong. I couldn't find a pulse and she had stopped breathing.
"I gave her mouth-to-mouth and CPR and very quickly she sat up with a big gasp. The paramedics turned up then.
"I had no time to think at the time but I was pretty shaken up afterwards. But it was nice to be in a position to help thanks to my first aid training."

Hub shift manager Matthew Hobson said: "Mike is a credit. He stepped up to the mark when needed.
"He did not hesitate and, as far as we are concerned, he was instrumental in getting that girl on the road to recovery."

Michael's boss at MYL Security, Mick Lyons, added: "Door staff sometimes get a bad press so it is good to see one of our staff being a hero. He deserves great credit."
The patient has declined to comment.

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